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P4P believe that having an experienced stocktaker and regular stock audits are vital for your business to reach its potential, it will enhance your profitability and improve performance using an easy to understand format and the latest software.

Regular stock audits will pinpoint any losses, trading surpluses or deficits and profit margins, which in turn, will give you the opportunity to react and rectify any problem areas.

Having regular stock audits is all about working with you to produce vital information which will help you make important decisions on how to make your business more successful , sustainable and of course, profitable.

Fact: industry professionals estimate that the forecast for next years pub closures will reach 2500 !!

All our Stocktakers understand what it takes to run businesses, they have vast experience as owners and operators in the licensed trade, ranging from pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and nightclubs, giving you the comfort of knowing that any advice given is from a sound commercial background.

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