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Cutting wholesale costs with buying group power

public-bar-drink-measureWe give smaller licensed trade businesses access to the bulk buying power that larger firms take for granted.

Working through large buying groups, we find deals for our customers so they can buy at the best possible prices. No matter how small your business, you benefit from discounted rates and special promotions that help you operate competitively and increase your margins.

We cover the full range of food and drink, together with fixtures, fittings and equipment. From bakeware to biscuits, storage units to sugar lumps, we can help.

Benefits include:

  • Consistently low prices – no worries you’re paying over the odds.
  • Huge choice – choose the level of quality that matches your pricing and your customers.
  • Specialist, impartial advice – get the equipment that’s right for your needs.
  • No cost to you, no contract, no tie in – you’re free to buy what you want, when you want.

You have access to both local and national food and drink suppliers, and ongoing negotiations keep prices stable. That means you’re able to budget without worrying about unexpected sudden price rises.

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