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Licensed Trade Legal ServicesSolicitors for pubs, clubs, restaurants and hotels

If you’re facing legal issues, talk to one of our panel of carefully-selected solicitors. With specialist expertise in the licenced and hospitality trades, they will make sure you get the best outcome whatever the situation.

Expert knowledge

You may have used a solicitor for family matters in the past, but it’s unlikely they will have the expert knowledge you need to help you in your business. Legal matters within the trade can get very complicated very quickly. Leases, for example, are often based on dense nineteenth century case law. It’s all too easy to get trapped into long term liabilities and obligations without realising what you’re signing up to.
Employment issues can get equally complicated. What are your legal responsibilities when the team seems to change from one week to the next, when you’re recruiting non-UK nationals, when staff go AWOL?

From providing routine but essential documentation through to dealing with an out-of-the blue crisis, our solicitors are here to help.

Services and benefits include:
  •  Buying and selling a business or lease – know that every detail will be analysed with a view to maximising benefit and minimising risk.
  • Leasehold disputes – fight your case from the strongest possible position.
  • Employment contracts – be confident you are complying with employment law.
  • Employment disputes – get a solution that minimises damage to your business.
  • Customer litigation – be confident you have a knowledgeable professional on your side.
  • Wills – make sure your hard-earned money and assets go where you want them to.

Whatever legal support you’re looking for, we make sure you talk to the person best able to deal with your needs, so you get the best advice and the best result for your business.

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