• Help and Advice

    Help and Advice

    Looking for professional advice from people who understand the trade?
    We provide specialist support from professionals who really know the business.

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  • Stocktaking Services

    Stocktaking Services

    Effective professional Stock Auditing is critical to managing your costs and maximising your profits.

    The Pubs4Profit stocktaking team have many years experience in providing easy to understand, accurate stock reports. Our mission is to help your business succeed. Read More
  • Cost Management

    Cost Management

    Worried that prices always go up, not down?
    We can help stabilise your costs, so you can plan ahead.

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  • Supplier Management

    Supplier Management

    Don’t know whether you’re paying over the odds?
    We’ll know. And if you are, we’ll find you a better deal with an alternative supplier.

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Managing costs, maximising profits

Managing Pub CostsWe provide a mix of cost management and professional services for pubs, clubs, restaurants and hotels. Whether you run a single site business or a small group, we can help you keep costs down and profits up.

Helping you set your business on the path to success

You probably didn’t come into the hospitality trade to spend your time on cost management, cash flow projections, budgeting, legal compliance – or any of the multitude of behind-the scenes activities that lie behind the front-of-house face of your business. But you know this stuff is critical to achieving your dream. And we can help you get it right. Work with us, and you’ll discover a wide variety of ways to cut costs and improve the running of your business, from no-cost access to food at bulk buy prices through to accountants for pubs and hotels and commercial solicitors with knowledge of the trade. Whatever service you choose, you’ll get practical help and straightforward advice that will help you make the most of your business.

Why us?

Our team all have extensive practical experience of the sector. We’ve pulled pints, served meals, persuaded that last tired and emotional customer out of the door – and learnt how to turn a profit. Now we’re here to help you.
  • Utility Management Services
  • Licenced Trade Accountants
  • Regulations
  • Licenced Trade Insurance
  • Legal Services
  • Website Design
  • Financial Services

utilities-2 A fair deal for your utilities

Pubs4Profit provide access to consistently good value utilities. We can help cut your costs for gas, electricity, mobile phones, landlines and broadband. With every utility company chasing your business, there are a lot of big promises out there. But how do you work out where the best deals really are? And how do you know that the best deal today will still be the best deal tomorrow, let alone in six months’ time? Rather than chasing short term offers that can be followed by Read More

accounting Accountants for pubs, clubs, restaurants and hotels

Pubs4Profit work with selected accountants chosen for their in-depth experience of the licenced and hospitality trades. Bring in one of our team, and you could save thousands.

Helping you maximise profitability

Tax arrangements, dealing with breweries, managing and accounting for stock – how you handle these and other trade-specific activities can make a huge difference to your profitability. Our accountants know exactly how the trade works and how to help you make the best of your business. With one of our team on your Read More

Food Information Regulations 2014 - fuss-free compliance

Food-Regulations Working closely with food allergy experts, we can help you put all the arrangements in place to make sure you comply with the new EU Food Information regulations coming into force in December 2014. The new regulations – officially called the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulations 1169/2011 – will make life very much easier and safer for people with food allergies. But they present a real challenge for those in the trade.

What the Food Information regulations mean

No longer will it be OK to Read More

Insurance for pubs, clubs, restaurants and hotels

insurance Working through specialist insurance firms, our partner financial advisers can provide insurance that gives you exactly the cover you need at an affordable price. There’s a lot that can go wrong in the hospitality business, and it’s important you identify the risks and protect yourself against them.

Preventing losses

What would the financial implications be of a power cut that meant the food in your freezers defrosted? How would you compensate a member of staff who was assaulted and had to take time Read More

legal-services Solicitors for pubs, clubs, restaurants and hotels

If you’re facing legal issues, talk to one of our panel of carefully-selected solicitors. With specialist expertise in the licenced and hospitality trades, they will make sure you get the best outcome whatever the situation.

Expert knowledge

You may have used a solicitor for family matters in the past, but it’s unlikely they will have the expert knowledge you need to help you in your business. Legal matters within the trade can get very complicated very quickly. Leases, for example, are often based Read More

Affordable professional websites for pubs, clubs, restaurants and hotels

web-design If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to get your hospitality business online, we can help. Our feature-rich websites are surprisingly affordable, and will give you a web presence that shows you at your best.

Meeting your budget

We can offer three levels of website, depending on your budget. The starting point is a simple template which we can adapt to meet your own colour scheme. The next level is an advanced template system which will give your site a unique Read More

Licenced trade financial services - advice for the hospitality Industry

stocktaking-services Our licenced trade financial services advisers will work with you to find the financial products and services that best fit your individual circumstances. When you’re running a business, you have a complex and wide-ranging set of financial needs, interests and responsibilities. Familiar with the issues you face, our team can help you get the best outcomes for the business and the right financial protection for your family.

Finding the right mortgage

When you’re buying a business with a property attached, finding Read More

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